Thursday, November 30, 2017

Directed Steps to College Success

Coach Pope and Nashville athletes after a meeting- Jeremy Pope

The process of getting accepted into college is simple but long. Each student must follow certain steps in order to have an opportunity to further their education. For athletes, the process is a bit more difficult. However, some athletes follow the process and some don’t; many are unaware of what needs to be done in order to attend school.

Fortunately, Next Level Skills Basketball Academy provides a step for student athletes to learn all factors that play into college entrance. Once a month at Donatos Pizza, Coach Pope organizes a meeting with some of Nashville’s basketball prospects. The purpose of the meetings is for athletes to work towards getting into college.

“I know a lot of great high school athletes that didn’t go to college or ended paying a lot of money because they didn’t have the information. [These meetings] provide me time with the kids to put everything in perspective,” says Coach Pope.

Coach Pope focuses on college admissions, financial aid, campus visits, ACT and SAT exams, the athlete recruiting process, and their high school GPA. With a background of college admissions at Goshen College and a successful college basketball career, Coach runs a meeting with direct instruction for the athletes to understand the process as simply as possible.

And the process has become focused and simpler. Several of Coach Pope’s Athletes had this to say about the meetings:

Quan Conner says, “the information has helped me work out NCAA recruitment forms and finding colleges that are suitable for me.”

Erric Adams, says, "I have learned to look for small schools that would not only fit my basketball preferences but my academic preferences as well.”

Bryce Watts, says, "I thought the meeting at Donatos was just as informative as it was fun. It was nice talking with some other ball players off the court about future college decisions. The information helped me realize how much work it takes to play basketball at the next level. Basketball is only part of it .... without good grades and proper paperwork, playing at the next level won't happen."

Coach Pope organizes information on the college process for each athlete
Next Level wants their athletes to succeed and understand the work that needs to be done outside the gym. With the help of Coach Pope’s experiences and Donatos delicious pizza, athletes can achieve college entrance and success.

Next Level Skills wants to give a big THANKS to Donatos Pizza for allowing these meetings to take place. If you want to find out more about these meetings, contact Coach Pope.

-Next Level Skills Basketball Academy.

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