Saturday, July 22, 2017

Academic Success and Basketball

Written by Octavio Parral | @octavio_parral

Daniel Belser, a teammate, and Coach Pope during a workout- Dorina Pope
There are no doubts that inner-city schools have a crisis when it comes to success. Just above 50% of high school students in the nation’s largest cities graduated on time. That means half the students are likely to fail. For Daniel Belser, graduating is very important and basketball is his tool to stay in the books and succeed.

As a senior, Daniel hopes to graduate at the end of the year with a college scholarship. His dream is to play for a college team. He understands that success in an inner-city school is challenging with a low socio-economic status background, few resources, and a sense of lost hope seen among others.

Basketball provides a special resource that helps Daniel with these challenges. Since he was 5, Daniel has used basketball as a tool to keep himself focused on his studies, and more importantly, his character. Through the bad times in a low-income neighborhood, Daniel feels a sense of peace that fills the lost hope.

“Basketball means everything. It’s there when I feel like I have nobody else.”

Daniel Belser working on his jumpshot- Dorina Pope
There are a few important elements that Daniel takes from basketball. There is the responsibility that comes with being a great talent. It requires work ethic and commitment. Every day Daniel enters the gym with a determined mindset to become a successful basketball player. He understands that the same responsibility applies to school as everyday he enters school to become a successful student.

Basketball requires a sense of maturity that successful people have. There is the care and teamwork with others that Daniel understands. There is the professionalism of the sport. Most importantly, there is the love for the game.

Daniel uses school to support his main love and passion. That is why Coach Pope and Next Level Skills are essential to his love for basketball. The basketball and college-readiness training help Daniel focus on what is necessary for the sport, his academics, and life.

“Coach has helped me mature on all levels. He's helped get me looks from colleges and putting me in great positions to get a scholarship.”

Coach Pope giving advice to Daniel- Dorina Pope

You will see Daniel working on his game every day. His training helps his basketball game and structures his attitude for the academics. The goal is to graduate high school with a 3.0 gpa and receive a basketball scholarship.

If you want to hear more from Daniel contact Coach Pope at Next Level Skills.

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